Learning About Distinct Types of Rubber Mattresses

Learning About Distinct Types of Rubber Mattresses

Rubber mattresses are one of the most popular products used by families. This product can be used for both winter and summer, especially, it is suitable for many different ages.. In the market, there are currently many types of rubber mattresses, each with different characteristics. Check out the following article to understanding more about rubber mattresses.

Which Rubber Mattress Is The Best?

From the primary material of rubber, the manufacturers have produced three types of mattresses, namely: natural rubber mattresses, artificial rubber mattresses, and synthetic rubber mattresses. Each product has different advantages and disadvantages, and they are suitable for different groups of customers in different ways.

Natural Rubber Mattresses

This mattress made from pure rubber latex without any other additives. With pure materials, natural latex mattresses are considered the safest products for the health of users.

This product is highly recommended in the mattress manufacturing industry by experienced customers because of its ability to decompose in the natural environment, leaving no chemical residues causing environmental pollution.

In particular, natural rubber mattress has the form of a large square with thousands of ventilation holes, so its users will not feel overheadted.

Some advantages and disadvantages of natural rubber mattresses


  • Safe for the health of users
  • Support the body, especially the spine. So, It is very suitable for anyone with backache.
  • No noise, no vibration when users change sleeping position
  • Good durability over time
  • Protecting environment
  • Not moldy, fire-resistant
  • Structure brings coolness to the product


  • The price is higher than other mattresses.
  • Natural rubber mattresses tend to be quite heavy
  • Products which were poorly manufactured will have a strong odor of natural rubber 

Artificial Rubber Mattress

Artificial rubber mattresses made from polyurethane foam (PU) – a compound commonly used in the furniture industry. This product is quite high elasticity.

Artificial rubber mattresses have the same structure as natural rubber mattresses. So when it comes to properties, there are many properties similar to natural rubber mattresses. However, artificial latex mattresses use artificial compounds, so this product is not as good as natural rubber mattresses.

Artificial rubber mattresses are also products that bring a fresh feeling for users when lying down.

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial rubber mattresses


  • High elasticity creates a feeling of comfort when sleeping
  • Moderate product prices that suit for many families.
  • In lightweight, convenient during transportation
  • Products wide distribute so easy to buy so easy to buy


  • It is not as cool as a natural rubber mattress.
  • The friendliness is quite unfortunate because the product is made entirely from artificial
  • Lower durability than natural latex mattresses

Neoprene Mattresses

Neoprene mattresses made from rotated synthetic materials, including natural rubber and other materials. Neoprene cushioning surface is a layer of cloth that gives users the most comfortable feeling when lying.

The quality of synthetic rubber mattresses depends on the amount of rubber they contain. Products with a high rate of rubber are often very endurable, and vice versa, products have many impurities, are usually dry and quickly damaged.

Advantages and disadvantages of neoprene mattresses:


  • High elasticity
  • Long-term use
  • Many color sizes for users to choose
  • The price is lower than natural and artificial rubber mattresses
  • Lightweight, easy to move
  • Easy to clean


  • Low environmental friendliness
  • The air permeability is not high, creating a hot feeling in the summer


Of the three types of mattresses made from rubber, natural rubber wedges are still the best quality products with 100% rubber. However, this product is costly, and it isn’t very easy to find a reputable supplier in the market. While products made from artificial rubber and synthetic rubber also have certain advantages. Specially, the price is quite reasonable.

In general, each product has different advantages and disadvantages. So before choosing a product, you need to put the factors of needs and budget into consideration. Of course, whatever product you buy, you should choose reputable retailers. They will give you helpful advice and help you choose the right product.