How To Remove Different Types of Stains On Mattresses

How To Remove Different Types of Stains On Mattresses

During your time using a mattress, it is inevitable that unwanted stains will appear. These stains may originate from the aging process of the mattress but may also be caused by negligence during use.

There are many types of stains that may appear on your mattress such as dried blood stains, spilled liquids from  tea, coffee, urine, and so on. The appearance of dry stains on the mattress is really bothering.

But do not worry because today I will show you some helpful tips which will surely prevent these stubborn stains from having the chance to ruin the mattress.

Removing Driedy Blood Stains

Use baking soda

Effective cleaning substance

In this situation, we use baking soda powder. This powder is known as the enemy of many stubborn stains. Plus, it is safe, inexpensive so anyone can apply this way.

The method is very simple, first let’s bring 1 part of baking soda powder mixed with 2 parts of cold water to dissolve the powder. Then use a clean, damp cotton cloth to apply the mixture to the dried blood spot for about 30 minutes. Finally, wipe off the stain by a towel and dry out your mattress.

With this simple method, the stubborn blood stains on your mattress will disappear soon.

Use a cold towel

Simple method to remove stains

For new bloodstains that do not have an adhesion to the mattress, this is considered the best way to quickly remove them.

First, you need to moisten a clean cloth with cold water and start blotting out the blood. Make sure that you just dap the towels on dry bloodstains to dissolve them, do not rub vigorously because the blood stain will spread in the mattress.

Next, use a dry cloth to absorb all the moisture released from the first step. Do this until the bloodstains have faded out.

Use cold salt water

Salt water for stains cleaning

Salt water is also an easy-to-find ingredient in your home. In order to clean the bloodstains on your mattress, follow these steps: 

  • Step 1: Mix 2 tablespoons of salt into cold water then pour into a spray bottle.
  • Step 2: Spray that mixture into the stain.
  • Step 3: Use a dry cloth to clean  the blood stain, then continue using the sprayer and then rub the mattress with an absorbent towel until the blood stains disappear

Clean Up Liquid Stains On The Mattress

Tea/coffee stain

 Easy to find ingredient

When spilling tea or coffee on the mattress, first, use a sponge to remove excess water. Then, dissolve about 15g borax with 1 liter of hot water. Next, dip a soft towel into the mixture and wipe away stains. Finally, use the damped cloth to wipe all the remaining water and use an electric fan to dry your mattress.

Oil stains

Effective way to remove oil stains

When the cooking oil is spilled  on the mattress, first, use a soft paper to blot all the excess oil off. The next step is to put flour on the oil stain. Flour will absorb all the excess oil that is firmly stuck  to the mattress. Next, remove the flour using a mini vacuum cleaner.

Finally, finish  the process by using a soft cloth to clean the surface and air dry it.

Urine stains

Use powder for urine stains

Families with young children often have this stain on their mattresses. Urine stain is always a terrible thing. So how to get rid of it?

You should use talcum powder and perfume. When the urine stain is still wet,  you should sprinkle talcum powder on the urine stain to absorb and deodorize it. Depending on the area of ​​urine stains, you may use less or more powder. Once the buffer area has dried, wipe it off with a dry cloth or soft paper.

For the process of removing stains on the mattress quickly and effectively you must remove urine stains as soon as possible because urine can affect the quality of the mattress.


In conclusion, each type of stain requires distinct method of cleaning, so depends on whatever you are sleeping on, you must apply proper ways. Furthermore, you should prepare all necessary tools and materials for optimal cleaning effectiveness. And finally, cleaning the mattress regularly is the best way to prevent stains from showing up.

With these simple and easy ways to remove different types of stains on the mattress, your concern will be set aside. You will sleep much deeper as the mattress is nice and clean.